Days One Hundred and Something - 20-29 Oct 2011

The Diary Theme doesn't work well any more. It was fine when I logged in for a couple hours, two times a week, but it fails when I log in for 30 minutes at a time for seven out of ten days. It also worked when I was only following one character, but fails as I'm spending time on more than three. I still enjoy the blogging, but expect some changes in format soon.

A couple other important things that are demanding change to the blog. Kallixta has reached level 85 and it's been over a year. The Diary served its purpose. It got me comfortable with writing and supported my goal. Martuska took 3 years to reach maximum level, but Kallixta only 1. I've managed to post something every month and some months, a lot!

Kallixta has still been dithering over her equipment and trying to transition to a new and different life in the end game. She has gotten comfortable running the dailies at the Molten Front. She has revisited Faction Vendors for potential upgrades or for a second copy to be reforged differently. Here are some of her recent purchases:
 I enjoyed visiting the Headless Horseman multiple times, all but once as a tank. One time I went as Retadin, just to measure myself against others. By Hallow's End, I managed to pick up
I love "/use 1" It's my Tanking Helm of choice.

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