Blog Azeroth Shared Topic: Thankslinking!

The Blog Azeroth Shared Topic this week, Thanksgiving Event 2001, was suggested by Amerence.

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale,
A tale of a blogging life
That started with Pink Pigtail Inn,
A haven from all strife.

The Inn was a friendly, blogging spot.
LarĂ­sa, bright and gay.
As I learned how this blogging worked
I returned most every day (returned most every day).

My roaming started fast and wide
Many bloggers were soon found
If I wasn't scared off by the Greedy Goblin
I soon was quite Spellbound (Soon was quite spellbound).

A Pugging Pally showed to me
How leveling could be fun!
A Giant Spoon gave added weight,
My new class search was done (My new class search was done).

My blog set ground on the shore of this uncharted blog-a-verse.
With Windsoar,
Kurn's Corner, too.
The Flinthammer (and his wife),
A Bubble lover And many more to quote!

This love comes from Kallixta's Notes!


  1. That was great! I'm jealous of all you Blog Azerothians and your skill at poetry and lyrics. If you were pointing a polearm at me I still couldn't come up with a rhyme.

    Have a great Thanksgiving!

  2. While undoubtedly feeling alarm
    when threatened by a polearm,
    I'd forget about rhymes
    (which happens sometimes)
    And run 'til I find a gendarme!

  3. Lol, see what I mean, rhymes in comments even, excellent!

  4. Heya, Kallixta! Thanks for joining in! I admire your skills as a poet, and can rhyme words like that like that. I wish I can do that, Anyway, I love your entry too, Great thoughts! Good Luck with your entry! and Happy Thankslinking Day! =)

  5. I might have to roll a Gnome named Gilligan now...

    From a similar entry I say to thee well done!

  6. I must say that this is yet one more excellent song parody meeting the thankful attitude towards those that have left a mark. The first time I read your entry through I did not connect the cadence to to the theme song from Gilligan's Island. I made up an off tempo reading. But on second read I made the connection.

    As Arcanewordsmith linked the original song on YouTube, perhaps that would be a good idea. Either way this was a great read.

    Thanks for joining in the #BAThankslinking event

  7. Ooh I love rhymes! Especially ones to a famous song like Gilligan's :)

    Great post Kallixta :)

  8. Hehe that was excellent!

    So if I said I used to watch that show on TV will that give away my age??? :P

  9. Haha, blogging is rather like Gilligan's Island, isn't it? You set out on this adventure to view beautiful things, not knowing just how long and how thoroughly you will get involved, or what fabulous, wacky personalities you'll meet along the way. Well done, Kallixta! :D

  10. I loved this and it made me smile! I just wanted to thank you for the mention and the charming poem to read, belatedly. Better late than never, right? :D