Achievements, What?, I don't even... 1 Nov 2011

Kallixta has been running Molten Front dailies enough to have unlocked both Shadow Wardens and Druids and will start unlocking the Vendors next. She'll log in, fly around Mount Hyjal while keeping an eye out for Mankrik, the last she needs to wave at, before she "breaks on through to the other side".

Despite trying a few times, she hasn't managed to get the top spidery view achievement either. One time she was on the right path when she got caught in a tug of war between two spiders and dying. Bah. At times like that I remind myself that Kallixta isn't the achievment whore, despite Martuska never having visited the Molten Front.

Speaking of Achievements...
Kallixta did Tricks and Treats for the Creepy Crate. I should have had Martuska do it. I don't know now why I didn't.

Mentally I've told myself and told myself that Kallixta isn't pursuing achievements. And then I see things like that.

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  1. Ironically back when I finished the Front in July (I was on holidays when it went live), Siori needed Mankrik as well.

    These days, I'm not a fan of going back to the Front with her, but it helps our guild xp immensely. Also, the mount is SO worth it!