Vial of Sands

I pay for two accounts. The original account has been taken over by my kids while I got the new one. Of course, my younger son has a character or two on the new account so he and his sister can play simultaneously.

My daughter can fit many female wow-player stereotypes, delighting in pets and mounts, preferring healing, avoiding PvP and Dungeons. She has a good time, but hasn't been as active as she's wrapping up her degree and her boyfriend isn't raiding anymore.

Meanwhile my youngest has matured and has his own preferences. He will probably spend more time in Azeroth over the summer, but as he eases back in, he had some leftover goals on his old bucket list. He accomplished one last night and he gets full credit even though Aldonza and Kallixta benefit.

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  1. Of all the things in game, I have to say this would be in my top three: to be a dragon, and help others, is truly fantastic. Cheers to the Sands!