The Need For Three Accounts

The family has had three accounts for years. During the school year, use of the second account has been minimal, but the summer vacation has started. And on Friday, I arrived home to find my son and daughter running around Pandaria together. My son has characters on both accounts (and so do I) so we can play in different combinations of two of us. But we can't all three play at the same time.

One time of conflict doesn't justify a third account, but it got me considering it.

Contributing to this thought experiment when I brushed off Martuska, my original main. She is a level 85, like Aldonza, but gnome instead of human. She'd also been Frost spec for a long time. By the time I'd finish spec'ing, fixing glyphs and macros, I was not ready to play with her. I wanted back on Aldonza! I didn't want to bounce between them.

The account with Martuska was the original Achievement junkie and my daughter is happy to carry on. I've tried to resist repeating and bunch of things, just to improve an achievement score on Aldonza, but...

Aldonza comes in fourth on search. They appear to be ranked by Achievement Points. If that is true, Aldonza only needs a few more to push up to third! Second is probably out of reach as both of those are way ahead.

Saturday night my kids went to what they called a LAN party. Technically, I think it was a Wi-Fi party, but nobody likes those pedantic complaints. My daughter was content to play WoW there while my younger played other games, including Starcraft with my older boy who is in South Korea. They also chatted with him on Skype and had a good time. The point was that I got to play on Aldonza, including a little time with my daughter. We finished Lorewalkers together and got our flying clouds. I did LBRS and UBRS to complete all the Classic Dungeons and attune for Blackwing Lair.

So I guess I am interested in Aldonza's Achievement Points

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  1. What a fun family time! Yes, 3 accounts... I think I should have 3 accounts but all to myself :D