Pet Genders

Do you know your pet's gender? Blizzard gives all pets a gender, even if there is nothing that uses it yet. In fact, while I knew it was there, it wasn't until working with Warla's Pet Search  that I noticed the disconnect between my pet's genders and their names.

I wanted to sort my accumulated pets by things like Breed, so I downloaded my pets and start noticing how many of my pets had female names yet blue, not pink, breed ids. I hate renaming pets because my mind doesn't remember the new names.
Somethings are just hard to remember, like the name of instrumental songs.

Well, I've still got plenty of work to do, renaming pets instead of something important. It's not like I don't have plenty of items on my to do list. At least I've a few things checked off recently.

Ultimate Pets
My "Go To" pets change far more frequently than their names. These aren't the pets I use for capturing new pets or battling easy trainers. These are for the tougher battles. When fighting an Undead pet, I've an Aquatic pet, that means all their undead attacks do weak damage, and it is one that has a good critter attack, that does strong damage against them.

It's only how it goes that all three ultimates have incorrect gender names, so I'll want to do that before they'll be ready to rumble

Poor Esmi is male?
Who else remembers the name of the Sea Lion in Disney's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea? Probably showing my age.

Saint Damien was my first level 25 when I discovered that fun of webbing before leeching life. This trick is especially powerful on Humanoids. This was one of the few pets I gave a male name, and still I got the gender wrong. She's from Duskwood and I wanted to evoke something dark and threatening. The "Saint" was intended to be ironic.

Juanita was one of my most recently elevated pets, for my entry in my Guild's "Best Theme" pet team. I had three spiders, but each was from a different Pet Family. (The third member is an Undead Giant Bone Spider). It'll be no trouble renaming him to Juan. Most Elementals would have an advantage against Mechanicals, but some Mechs have powerful attacks and between Stoneskin and H/H, we'll see how Juan fares.

Do you have any Themed Pet Teams?


  1. I've been trying to avoid looking at my pets genders for awhile. I don't want to feel like I need to rename any of them!

  2. I know! If I just could have avoided it longer, I could ignore it, but then my new spreadsheet has breed id in un-ignorable pink or blue colors and it's right next to the name!

    1. Well who says a male pet can't be named Princess Cuddlepower, anyway! If they ever give us horses/ponies as pets I am totally naming it that!

  3. I'm ignoring it, it took me so long to come up with the few names I have I can't face having to change any. They will have to soldier through, lol.

  4. And someday Princess Cuddlepower and Queen Penumbra can breed. Same-sex marriage ain't nothing!