New Haircut

Even while showing my old Dalaran Transmog yesterday, I had been working on a new outfit. I had tried out different outfits, but nothing attracted me as much as the simple wizard robes style. And then my Guild Mistress asked for help doing some Classic Dungeons for Guild Achievements.

That's how I rediscovered Robe of the Moccasin and Anacondra's Robe, both found in Wailing Caverns and both simple recolors of my purple Lesser Wizard's Robe. That led me to the various Apothecary's Regalia  and its recolors. The Black and Purple is much too Warlocky for my tastes, but I like the teals in the blue outfit. I haven't bothered with a different belt. My current cloak works while my weapon is a fine match.

Head: Royal Headband
Chest: Anacondra's Rober
Shoulders: Twilight Mantle
Hands: Royal Gloves
Weapon: Staff of the Skymagi

The headband underscored how little I cared for long blone hair. I'm sorry, but I've never liked blonde. I have no idea how Aldonza ended up blond anyway, but I wasn't about to have a radical change. Simple greying works fine for me and a shorter style just looked better to me.