Aldonza is not prepared for Level 90

There are times it is hard for me to write because there's just too much to write about. After a while, it becomes embarassing because some bits are important.

Aldonza hit Level 90... before Memorial Day. Of course I was excited, but I had no chance to celebrate before we hurried off to the In Laws and the long drive from Detroit to Fargo and back, which we've since repeated, this time towing a trailer. We've finally got them settled into a new apartment, and most of the furniture and other accumulated goods of a lifetime living in a much larger space, now all sorted to one family or another.

The fact is, reaching level 90 this late in an expansion means there's a wealth of options and little guide in where to start. On recommendation of my guildmistress, I managed the Arena of Annihilation  scenario for the weapon.

I need to explain something. Aldonza went from leveling via Cooking and Fishing quests up to level 85 where upon she entered Pandaria. She then leveled mostly via Pet Battles. This is my screenshot of hitting Level 90

For whatever reason, the WoW Messaging System decided my Terrible Turnip hitting level 22 was more important than my character hitting level 90. You can see it is Aldonza that's glowing, not the turnip.

Can you guess how well equipped Aldonza was for the Arena of Annihilation? Do you know how many green and blue items you earn while doing Pet Battles?

Right, none.

Aldonneeded a trip to the Auction House. Her fiscal frugality came in handy, purchasing decent items that where mostly Disenchant fodder, but allowing her to upgrade her item level to something that wasn't too embarassing. She survived the Arena.

Her Auction House skills over the next week allowed her to find more and better gearing upgrades and she decided she was ready for the next Guild Event. Perhaps a nice Dungeon? Of course not! Aldonza jumped straight into the fire. Well, the Firelands actually!

The Guild was working on Glory of the Firelands Raider and Aldonza has now helped. We didn't manage Barrel Roll that night.

It was after these events that Aldonza realized her new gear needed mogging. I've returned to my Kirin Tor outfit. It isn't original, but you can see how much fun Aldonza has with her friends back in Dalaran.

That Arcanist Ginberg is such a jokester!

Having got this out, maybe I can write about less important things, like our Guild's weekly Pet Battles!

I was trying to write down all the things I wanted to write about, but I discovered my List Making Mojo has gone the same way as Mataoka's. We suspect Sunspots are to blame. She convinced me to put something down. If she can write three excellent posts in one weekend, I should be able to manage something.

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