Notes on Traits

Here I makes some notes to myself about Kallixta's personality for Role Play potential.

Four Diamond Words: Methodical, Tenacious, Lawful, Civil

Kallixta despises those that are whimsical and impetuous. They lack follow through and have no purpose. Instead she thinks if everybody just developed a plan, things would work out so much better.

It isn't sufficient to have a plan, though. It's important not to be diverted. Kallixta will never give up, but stubbornly stick to a plan and see things to their end.

All must be devoted to the higher good and that's where laws define things. Kallixta does not believe the end justifies the means. Arthas's culling is the perfect example of how good intentions can result in evil.

As a diplomat's daughter, she knows that politeness can yield rewards. Kallixta can be chatty, but strives to be courteous, even when talking to one she despises. There may come a time when words fail, but until that point is reached, she'll keep a civil tongue.

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