Notes on Backstory

Kallixta was living in Aerie Peak with her father when the Third War broke out. Her father was a diplomat and merchant representing Ironforge among the Wildhammers at the time. As the war developed, he went off to Kalimdor in support of efforts there, before dying in the Battle of Mount Hyjal. Kallixta was old enough to be left behind with plans to return to Ironforge.

Kallixta's journey home included witnessing first hand the horrors of the plaguelands and the efforts by the remnants of the Silver Hand to fight the undead. She was impressed by those that, despite Arthas, continued to follow their purpose.

Kallixta subsequently travelled south to Stormwind to undergo paladin training.

Kallixta's mother is a Master Blacksmith and her work ethic influenced Kallixta's own. Undoubtedly her profession choices derive from her mother.

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