Casual Comfort Zone

I am the epitome of a casual WOW player. I limit myself to a few hours a week. I should have a structured schedule and know when I can play and for how long, but that doesn't happen over the summer. With the kids in school, it might change. Still, I've only so many hours I want to devout to a game. I want to do well at it, but there is no way I can spend the time I'd like.

I've been playing since my older son brought home Burning Crusade. My wife knew I'd enjoy it. Hell, I knew I'd enjoy it, but I already had plenty of hobbies I enjoy. It took 2.5 years for me to level Martuska to 80 and I enjoyed it, but I only played inside a comfort zone. I'd push on occasion and that zone did grow, but I never pushed hard.

Things changed last December, which is when I made a concerted effort to finish leveling Martuska. I discovered the ease of LFD and Northrend Dungeons. And after making 80, I discovered there were a lot of areas I hadn't explored and didn't want to with her. Being a Frost Mage is great for PvE, but I'd need to respec to raid and I hated being a glass cannon in PvP. I wanted to expand my comfort zone and I made the decision to do it from the bottom instead of the top.

Thus I rolled up Kallixta. I already knew some things where inside my comfort zone: PvE Questing, RolePlay, Guild Chat and the Auction House. Kallixta has the purpose of deliberately pushing open my comfort zone to explore areas inside WOW that I'd previously avoided, especially PvP. To support my PvP interest, the overpowered Paladin seemed useful. The hybrid aspect also worked well with my recent enjoyment with the new LFD tool. I could queue as Tank or Healer or DPS as my interest bounced and the shorter times for Tank or Healer definitely appealed.

So, Kallixta has a much stronger purpose than Martuska ever did. I was more driven with her and determined I would explore more corners without fear.

And there is fear. I don't mind being a bit of a noob, but I hate not improving. I will study to ensure I have some idea of what I'm doing, but things need practice and I hate the embarrassment in that L2P period.

Martuska is an achievement whore, but Kallixta can't be. I'll go a little out of the way to pick up another 10 points for Kallixta, but she will never grind just to complete something. She'll never have a sparklepony.

I've also decided Kallixta will have a public blog. I've used a private blog before, partly as a personal diary and notepad and that practice can probably been seen in this one, but I'm also going to push my comfort zone by making this public. Although I know it will never be a high traffic site, I want it to be something more. I want it to have some usefulness. I want to be proud of it. It must be interesting.

Well, that was a rambling post. I doubt I'll do that often.

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