Day Fifteen - 13 Aug 2010

I ran three dungeons today. First up was Shadowfang Keep, but I forgot to look for the paladin quest item. I didn't notice before already queuing up for Deadmines. That was an excellent group, working well except for the Warrior that needed on everything, even greens. We kicked him before the end and 4-manned Edward. We then went for Cookie and instead of passing, like I'd been doing, I greeded and won a blue cloth shirt?! I tried giving it away, but the others declined. I don't know why.

Kallixta turned in Edward's head for the blue Leg armor. I think this must have been when I dinged 25, but didn't notice.

I did a little Role play at the Stormwind Cathedral. Someone was running an afternoon prayer service. I got to chat with one person as we gathered and then we had a nice service. I only figured out how to log chat at the end. I was also slow to figure out this laptop's function key and how to make screen shots.

After a break Kallixta returned to Shadowfang Keep. I grabbed the "Jordan's Smithing Hammer" this time. No one complained with my speed, although I needed to stop for mana myself a few times. The healer called herself a noob and the mage agreed. My health was never in any danger, but the healer seemed very low on mana. I had to ask the mage for water and she seemed to only produce one at a time. She gave me a stack of 5 which didn't last long. I won a nice blue chest piece, a blue one hand sword and a blue two-handed axe, all upgrades.

My new chest and pants with the Arced War Axe over my shoulder

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