Return of the Greed

This blog is not the place to go on about where I've been. Let's just say I found plenty of other stuff I was enjoying more than my time in Azeroth, mostly offline. With the change of seasons, I'm finding a chance to return to WoW and my friends here.

There's plenty of excitement over upcoming changes, but I'm not really ready to return to Kallixta or Aldonza or Martuska. I wanted something a little different. Maybe it's time to start a new character?

I have never run a goblin through it's unique starting zone. I have rarely run a horde character. So, this will just be an experiment and my feelings for the new alt might mean it's short, but I'll give it a chance.

I'm choosing Shaman as the only healer spec I've had much happiness with. I think it should be fun. If I decide to stick with her after reaching Kalimdor, I'll need to find my heirlooms and figure out how to mail them cross server.

I don't have a special Horde server yet. My enjoyment on Wyrmrest Accord dropped when my guild split in half. Who do I know on the Horde side? My hours are haphazard anyway, so I selected Saurfang almost on a whim. Those Frostwolves sure seem friendly.

While creating my character, it wasn't until writing this that I noticed I am once again having a very short character. I'm not spending any more time analyzing my brain over its need to select short, female characters when I am actually a tall, bearded male.

I couldn't name a goblin Kallixta because my mind associates the name with my goodie-goodie paladin. Aldonza was my bank alt that kept muttering that she wasn't greedy, not really, just very ... money conscious! Aldonza fit much, much better, as she's the dross behind Dulcinea, and was available.

I'm happy with the storyline and especially liked driving around with my hommies. In the short time I spent with her Sunday, I ran her up to 9th level and anticipate staying with her for a bit longer.

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  1. Yeah, that car is the very best part of that starting area. I never wanted to leave the island. Hope you like your Goblin, I really like my little Rogue once she managed to get out of there although they put her in a slum as soon as she got to Org. Shocking behavior!