Travails of Autumn

It has been months and only recently has anything interesting occurred.

First a quick summary. Aldonza and Kallixta have spent enough time on the Timeless Isle to accumulate some nice purples. My characters have also been keeping up their profession daily cool downs, which often mean they have discovered some helpful recipes for even nicer gear. At least, I consider having everything over ilevel 450 nice.

Second, my guild shrank. The most active raiders moved, leaving mostly those with low activity. I lost a crutch!

Third, Hallow's End allowed me to easily test how well I could do in a low pressure queue. The practice made the final step much much easier.

Yesterday, I queued in the Throne of Thunder LFR!? OMG.OMG. OMG. Where's the notice about Average Wait Time? I was more than a little nervous. I'm afraid I bugged Matty, asking a few questions.I'd have asked more as the Average Wait Time would occasionally show up, saying 1 hour! then disappear and then surprising me with a pop!

I joined the raid after the first boss. We fought trash while more new members were brought in to fill those that had their fill after one boss? I knew what to do for Horridon and before long we had a dead dino.

Again there was a flush of folks leaving and arriving. It gave me time to remind myself about the next boss battle and in what seemed like no time at all, another boss battle was over!

1 Horridon kill
1 Council of Elders kill

That's 2/3rds of Last Stand of the Zandalari

And loot!

Necklace of the Terra-Cotta Mender

Well, that gets Kallixta up to ilevel 494.

The experience was far more pleasant than feared and soon I'll be joining LFR again.



  1. OMG! You are very brave! I think the worst thing about LFR is the length of time the queue takes. SO MUCH time for me to get cold feet, lol.

  2. Well, I only have one experience and the queue was less than 10 minutes. I think this has skewed my expectations!

  3. Where oh where has my favorite Dwarf been?