My little goblin pulled me back for another couple evenings. Of course, the competition was watching Johnny Depp in the Lone Ranger with my kids. I sorta did both and when we switched to Joss Wedon's Much Ado about Nothing, I went AFK

I managed to finish up my time on the tropical isle. I picked up the skinning profession and spent enough time clearing raptors to make inventory management an issue. It's nothing another bag or two and a bank mule can't fix! I marked it down as growing pains on settling in to a new server with a new alt.

 I spent a lot of time flying through the air on explosions. It belatedly occurred to me, THAT'S WHAT GOBLINS DO. If I don't like it, I may have made a mistake with my racial selection. Thinking about it more... I COULD REALLY LIKE THIS!

Aldonza reached Org and level 14. I finally figured out how to forward heirlooms across realms, discovering they weren't optimal, but will certainly help. They're Agility leather not the Intellect I was planning to use. I had selected Restoration, but maybe until I can dual-spec I'll switch to Enhancement.

And I'm also very much looking forward to my Ghost Wolf form, because the distances from Inn to Gate in the city are long and boring! I find the Orc Capital about the most boring of any city.

On a brighter note, I'm enjoying the Guild Chat and slowly getting to know these folks that let me in.

I have not gotten the hang of preparing a segue from Guild Chat to music that was selected because of my earlier Profession choice. I need to plan ahead better or something. Sigh.

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