Undeserved Rewards

The son that bought Warcraft and then went on to other things, received a Beta key to WoD.

Of course.

He might be playing Hearthstone, Starcraft and Heroes of the Storm, but he still can't play WoW for more than two consecutive days. He passed the key on to my younger boy, who has spent a few days playing level 90s in classes he didn't have before and is loving his new Shaman.

Saturday I needed consolation after my meatloaf failed. The ground turkey meatloaf needed another egg to hold it together. Meatloaf isn't supposed to crumble like that.

So I was feeling a bit bummed and rewarded myself with an hour of WoW.

Six hours later, it was well after midnight and I was kicked out of my son's room to go to bed. Ha. Turnabout, I say!

I spent a bunch of Sunday playing, too. My 90 on this account is Martuska, my old gnome mage. I haven't really adjusted to the class changes. I'm missing Living Bomb and haven't figured out what to do instead, so my DPS is down, but not unworkable. It's fine for questing, but too embarrassing for a dungeon yet.

I quickly got through the opening, established my initial garrison and worked a couple quest hubs that first night. I dinged level 91 all with bags mostly filled. So early Sunday was spent exploring the bank and its new "Reagents" tabs, which was sweet, and coping with bags that were reorganized on me automatically. I forgot to check out my toybox.

Sunday I worked though less than half the quests in Shadowmoon when I dinged 92 and realized I had the breadcrumb for Gorgrond. I've been reminded myself I'm a tester, not a completionist, so I headed north.

Now about the garrison. There are quests asking for a group of 3 and I haven't bothered yet. I got one follower quickly as part of the familiarity sequence, I presume. A second follower was a reward for a completed mission. I think that was a random reward. I earned another as a quest reward outside my garrison and yet another quest allowed me to select one follower from 3 choices.

Suddenly I noticed that missing safety net. How can I make a choice if I can't research my options on wowhead or something? There isn't a guide! I might make a ... suboptimal choice!

Another thing happened late Sunday, I received a rare mission. Until then I hadn't noticed that my missions had been uncommon. "Free Labor" wants three followers of level 91. Well, I can get that by sending one of my lvl90s on another mission first. I had also just noticed the whole "follower abilities" and "counters" thing. I could counter one of the specials of the rare mission, but none of my current followers could counter the other.

Now that I'm in Gorgrond, I'll need to see how I build an Outpost for my garrison there. Oh, and I discovered this thing called Bonus Objective I think I like the mechanic, although it does lead to players fighting over some mobs that don't respawn very quick.

I think I won't miss the pink boxes that say "Delete Me".

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  1. I can't figure out why I'm okay with reading about others time in beta but I don't want to go back in. I know, I felt that "flying without a net" feeling a little when I couldn't count on help. I can't remember what is was now but at one point I did try to look something up on wowhead and help was already there!

    Oh no, the pile of meat crumbs. I've been there.