How Syylia spent her Summer Vacation, 2013

I accused Navimie of being subtle. She disagreed. This just proved my sarcasm failed me.

Earlier this summer, my daughter and younger son devoted newly freed spare time to WoW. The pair found plenty to do, earning a variety of achievements. They also found ways to spend Aldonza's carefully earned gold! Who knew 200,000 gold could disappear so quickly?

When I explained to Syylia how 5.4 would make some achievements Feats of Strength, she quickly built her Golden Lotus reputation and accomplished Eternally in the Vale before it became unavailable. She got into a rhythm of working dailies and finished Tillers, Anglers, Cloud Serpent and even Friends on the Farm! This inspired her to return to Northrend and Outland and soon hit 40 Exalted Reputations!

All these reputations meant she also earned herself a Mountain o' Mounts, which pleased her to no end. These are the sorts of things Syylia enjoys in WoW. I'll help her, but it isn't as important to me. In fact, seeing all that she was accomplishing wasn't drawing me back.

What did bring me back? Oops! Not there yet.

One thing I knew about Aldonza and Kallixta was that they were poorer and I resented the pressure to return just so my kids could spend more gold. It wasn't the earning of that gold that I enjoyed. Instead it was a sign that I was good at something in Wow. I might not know my class, but I knew the Auction House! I knew how to relieve others of gold that they wanted to spend. Is that all I do in Azeroth?

Of course not!

I also had a better Transmog than Syylia!

Oh dear. What competence are you proud of in Azeroth?

The factions that put Syylia over 40, earned on the same day

There are edits in this graphic

Syylia wasn't only working on Reputations

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