Brightly Gray

Honestly, I was writing this before Kamalia posted about making a Brightly Coloured Transmog for Noblegarden. I was even writing this before Navimie was trying to find an outfit to match her Direhorn.

Aldonza dinged level 82 a while back and was shopping for deals with Brassbolt Mechawrench and the Auction House in Dalaran when she happened to notice a Sodden Cloth Hat posted for less than the vendor price. Aldonza has long enjoyed grabbing these items and quickly selling to an adjacent vendor for the quick profit. However, this item had Aldonza delaying before selling. She could realize the profit whenever she wanted, so there was no hurry. And something about a gray item that required level 82 was intriguing.

Then she had the idea of building an outfit to match. She couldn't transmog her helm with it, but not being an adventuring, she's worn gray items before. So Aldonza has spent a little time glancing at various gray outfits before making a decision.
By the Power of Gray(skull)

  That's the important gray bit. She didn't mind the look of the black hands and forearms
The hat has an interesting band and she checked her inventory for something suitable.

Most people wouldn't notice that last item, but think about Aldonza's history as a coward...

Her experience with torturing critters has allowed her to discover her contempt for things that can't hurt her. So a few weeks ago Aldonza followed in Kallixta's footsteps (and carefully drawn map and detailed instructions) into the Depths of Blackrock Mountain. Her primary goal was actually to craft a Smoking Heart of the Mountain to celebrate her completion of Enchanting and Working for a Living. Aldonza also has More Skills to Pay the Bills. Archeaology provided her with the means to accelerate her leveling without risk, earning level 84 last week!

So now she can wear her colourless outfit to match any Direhorn or World Event! One more level and Aldonza can visit Pandaria!


  1. Ooh, I like! The soft sea-spray colors of the robe are such a great match for the hat. The red in the belt and the cloak play off the red in the hatband very nicely.

    Keep going, Aldonza! I'm cheering for you!

  2. Oh what a nice colour! I think the paleness suits Aldonza just perfectly! Hmmm do I need to steal that idea for a mog for my direhorn? Perhaps I should! Thanks for the idea/grin

  3. Ironsally quite liked Aldonza's outfit. There are a lot of lovely white and gray items to be had. Stay safe in Pandaria Aldonza!