No Green Thumb

I'm casual. That's never been a secret. I only have a few hours a week to escape to Azeroth, which is not enough to be a raider. With Mists, my time has gotten even tighter and when I get an hour to play, I'd rather do a Pet Battle than level. All this is just a reminder why Kallixta is still level 87.

When I play, Kallixta often gets a few minutes to tend her farm at Half Hill, but without being level 90, she can't improve her standing with the Tillers and thus she's still stuck with 4 plots. She's worked those 4 spots hard enough that she recently picked up Till the Break of Dawn, which tells me Kallixta did her farming 25 times. Or did I get my math wrong?

I'm sure most folks have forgotten what a farm looks like when you're stuck at 4 plots. Here is a reminder:

Dwarves are short!

An old friend came back to the game. Part of their enjoyment includes rerunning old content. This weekend they were off to solo Sarth 3D again when I sent Kallixta to join in the fun and she picked up her Black Drake! I'd forgotten but back when we were running Sarth, Martuska was still my main and that was a different account.

The next day, we were in guild chat, recalling life back in 2009. I said, "Gee. It seems like just yesterday we were running Sarth." I don't think others thought that was as funny as I did!

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