Profitable Debris

Aldonza has started exploring Azeroth without fear. Well, without fear from the roaming creatures that had grey numbers in their name plate. I've already talked about Aldonza dinging level 80, and needing a new goal. She has still been leveling, but with Inscription max'ed, it wasn't the priority it had been. However, nothing new had popped up to replace it. Also, the XP was coming quicker, too!

Her leveling experience was gathering momentum. Then Pet Battles brought Aldonza out of the capitals and spending serious time elsewhere. Pet Battles brougth some surprising amounts of XP via quests as did Archeology in low level zones. The whole effect meant Aldonza hit 82 much quicker than expected.

And then I've spent a month away, so that acceleration was not taken advantage of.

Still, somehow when I returned, I discovered Aldonza had TWO Motes of Harmony in her bags. I have no idea where they came from. I suspect the rewards from witnessing the death of the Greench. Twice Aldonza watched from a safe distance and swooped in like a greedy ..., uh witch, for credit. That's the only thing I can guess. Just because they weren't reported as a reward on wowhead doesn't mean it didn't happen. Where else did they come from?

Aldonza would love more. A single Spirit of Hamony would allow her to craft an Inscribed Fan and subsequently a  Red or Jade fan. She can get the other materials. Those motes are the limiting factor to profit! -much gnashing muted-

With a bit of research, I discovered one alternate method for accumulating motes without visiting Pandaria, fishing on Darkmoon Island! It seems some of the pools have Sealed Crates  with an 8% chance of containing more motes. This is certainly in keeping with Aldonza's ideals of making a profit without danger.

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  1. Yay Aldonza! Good luck in your search! However, don't forget, if Aldonza runs and makes it to the farm she might one day be able to grow some..... though those weeds might be her undoing.