Cowardly is as cowardly does

Just how cowardly is Aldonza?

What started as an explanation for staying in the capital cities influenced the personality that emerged as Aldonza invariable would role play with others. She was sadly reconciled to her cowardice as she watched people head out on adventures and she didn't.

Remember, Aldonza wasn't supposed to be very active. I was supposed to be logged on other alts adventuring!

Kallixta was taught by her guild to Destroy All Critters! They were a plague on Azeroth and probably in league with Deathwing or something. Habits were shared by these friends and soon the Sages of Tabasco were dedicated to being a Critter Kill Squad themselves. Er, herself. And at her pace, it would take a few years to earn the Armadillo Pup.

How many years to go?
 There needn't be a valid reason for Aldonza to seek out critters and destroy, but it means Aldonza appears to be a bully. She's not afraid of dealing death and destruction when there is no danger to herself?
Five in one blow in Darnassus

She even has a favorite spot in Ironforge before getting on the Tram
The bodies pile up!

This slaughter continued and eventually she became aware that there were larger creatures (with gray numbers) that were ripe for death without endangering the coward. Might she be able to do some low-level Archealogy sites, perhaps? Maybe she could visit locations beyond the cities without fear of earning XP from dealing death. She was still only earning it by means that didn't risk her hide.
As a final impetous, Pet Battles drove Aldonza into the world. It's a fact that mages travel around Azeroth must quicker and easier than the Paladin. She could temporarily set her hearthstone in some zone's Inn and quickly pop back for a visit to a stable master, yet when done she could teleport to whichever capital she desired.
Portal Services has earned Aldonza a few gold
This really caught up with her when Green Paws from underneath Dalaran enticed her to fly down to the Crystalsong Forest. The wolves weren't gray and her aggro radius wasn't as small as she thought. Luckily blink allowed her to run away and escape intact. She had gotten too complacent.

So, just how Cowardly is Aldonza?


  1. OMG... that Aldonza is turning out to be a bit of a bully! Picking on those poor critters :P
    But I do so love gentle conflict avoidant Aldonza.

  2. Oh, Aldonza! Not killing the critters, better to tame them all. Then you'll have a vast army of protectors!

  3. That's a good tip about the rats in the tram. Our guild already has that achievement otherwise I have had to move into the tram area myself =)