A Meeting in Halfhill

Kallixta took her attention away from her mail when she sensed someone standing next to her in some way that was different. She wasn't checking her own mail, but looking at Kallixta. When the dwarf paladin looked up, her astonishment was obvious. "What are you doing here?"

"Nice to see you again." Aldonza chuckled. The surprised look was worth all the trouble and worry. "Have time for a drink?" The human mage headed into the Lazy Turnip. There was a long delay before Kallixta could get her thoughts together and follow.

Aldonza hadn't answered the question, but knew the dwarf was stubborn enough to outwait her. "I've been made to feel quite welcome in Pandaria and Half-Hill, in particular. My hearthstone is set here now. It's easy enough to pop back to get business done and return." Stubborn but without guile, Kallixta's thoughts on such ease of travel where apparent. "I dare say you've other advatages, so don't dwell on my one."

"Right. So you could sleep here, but probably don't. Instead explain how you got here!" The dwarf's features were stern, almost disapproving.

With a shrug, Aldonza answered a touch too blythly, "I've always been good at running away. This was more of a Retreat Forward. Between a fast mount and a Panda's Step, I would be past most dangers in a blink! It was an Epic Dash of Every Woman for Herself. I'm afraid I outdistanced the flight path as the points don't yet line up."

The sternness slowly melted, merging into a happy smile. "Well, I guess congratulations are in order. I'm sure there's money to be made?" She paused just long enough to match the words she knew Aldonza would respond with, "Not that you're greedy, jinks!"

It was Aldonza's turn to wear a face of astonishment. Kallixta broke into laughter, "You pay this round!"


  1. I'll have to tell Cat to watch out for Aldonza next time she's at Halfhill Market!

  2. Yay! A story! And a post! At least now she can stay at the farm all the time :D