Same Old, New Light

My renewed enjoyment with Kallixta led me to review what I might enjoy doing with some of my alts. In particular, Aldonza, the Coward, had managed to get to Draenor and build a Garrison, but I wasn't enjoying PvE content as a mage. I'm not sure why, but I did know I enjoyed leveling her using alternate means, especially Pet Battles. Therefore I made certain she ran through the Pandaren Trainer dailies and at least Ashlei. Following this path, she dinged 94 this weekend and has her garrison at level 2 and is careful to work on her profession cool downs. I expect to add other Draenor Pet Tamers as soon as she can get her courage going.

Between reviewing my pet collection and questioning why my Mage wasn't more fun, I considered poor Kallifornia, my neglected shaman. I had carried her into Pandaria as a low level, battling wild pets in the western part of the Valley of Four Winds. She's managed a few levels and does things like leveling up the lowest level pets so they won't be one-shot when being carried in a trainer battle. I really think I'd enjoy taking her back into PvE exploration. In preparation, I freshened her heirlooms.

This spoiled her old Bronze Fenclaw transmog. She has sat so long, it's strange to see her in anything else. I absolutely need to change her shirt.

If the only K-pop you've ever seen has been synchronized dancing, you have never seen a "Dramatized" Music Video. Here the boy band Super Junior put together one that I think folks might enjoy.

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