OLRG and Feeling like I've found a new home

The stars aligned and I had nothing prevent me from joining the planned OLRG run on Saturday. I think the last time I was in ANY dungeon or raid was when OLRG got me to join a Molten Core during the Anniversary and earning a Crown of Desolation.

To start, I discovered I didn't have a quick method of travel to the Caverns of Time. Without quick access to Dalaran, I might have been faster to port to Ironforge and sail to Theramore!

Setting up on Mumble was easy for me. I just asked my new son-in-law for help. Five minutes later, I was GTG. I'm not sure what he uses as a serious StarCraft player, but he had a spare microphone for me.

The computer location is not optimal for a raid. It's in the family room and next to the kitchen, which is great when all I'm doing is Pet Battles or Dailies or whatever, but in future there are better locations in the house that would be less disturbing for me and for my family.

It was great to talk to Matty and Helke. I'm sorry Tome was silenced. In retrospect, I'm surprised our conversations didn't have more digressions.

As far as raiding, Dragon Soul was easy until he got to the Spine. At that point, nothing we did seemed to work. I think we've all revisited strategy guides since and should be better informed next time, but as it was, we spent too much time on it.

I did manage a selfie while there! I know someone wanted to try the PhotoBomb toy, but I don't think we coordinated properly. I was aiming to include the others in this snapshot!

I was happy to continue with Matty after Tome and Helke ran out of time. We decided to do Firelands. I say "we", but I had very little opinion. Matty could have talked me into anything. At least with Firelands, I'd been inside before. Our only problems came from things like staying "In Combat" after a boss went down. It mostly was a problem because we couldn't mount up for a time. The only things I'm short on for the Glory of the Firelands Raider now are "Bucket List" and "Only the Penitent". Both of these are a pain and our purpose was fun instead. And we had a good time.

All of this activity made me feel more welcome than I had in ages, more so than the WoD activities in my guild. I had "Come Back Home".

In general on runs like these, I only bother to pick up loot no one else wants. I ended up with one Tier 13 Plate item from Dragon Soul and another Tier 12 Plate piece while in Firelands.

I thought my Guildies had be encouraging when we split up loot, but when Spaulders of Recurring Flame dropped, things went in a new direction. It's not like I avoided Transmog nor do I dislike it. Instead I was starting from a single piece that unexpectedly dropped. It has a really cool animation. It deserved solid treatment.

Now "I gotta Do what I gotta do". So I spent almost all my time on Sunday researching the Molten Giant Lookalike set. I loaded more Addons with better see what I already owned in my Banks and Void Storage. I then needed to change my default ground and flying mounts to match my new outfit, choosing the Black Drake and the Fossilised Raptor for now.

I'm using a Trident with good animation, but I'm not thrilled with it. I also am not happy with my navel showing. Did y'all know the Scarlet Filigree Shirt, while the correct color, is too short? Thankfully with my cloak, there's no chance of showing the T-back of a thong. That'd just be embarrassing to all.

The music stuck in my head today is the Korean group 2NE1 and their song "Come Back Home". Instead of the usual M/V of this song, I'm linking their Unplugged version.
While the rest of my family love 2NE1, I'm not thrilled with most of their stuff, but if you want the English translation (using the "plugged" music)


  1. That sounds like you had a blastin' good time Kal :)

  2. I didn't want to be subtle. It was the most fun I've had in WoW in years.

  3. Jeez, I've been trying to comment all week on the stupid little iPad in the morning and it always defeats me, lol.

    I know, OLRG is what I naively thought WoW would be like when I first started playing, people having fun together with no recrimination or nastiness. It's a rare thing and the most fun in WoW for me too.

    I too still need only the penitent, hopefully some time we can find four other people who might need to do it and hopefully I can figure out how to get my voice working again!