Preparing for Navispam

Navimie likes to surprise folks, so I can only guess why she might have mentioned me as a target for Navispam. She's undoubtedly already tried and failed to find me online. Since Summer and until the Autumn schedule settled down, there has been only a short window of opportunity to catch me each day.

I'm a non-elite rare spawn!

And it's actually gotten worse recently. I spent 12 hours at work yesterday! I'm feeling guilty and need to arrange something with her.

However, where once I was hoping to be considered for Navispam, it's different knowing she's coming.

I don't know what to WEAR!

(Kallixta's spouse starts laughing at this point.)

It's like cleaning up the house before your mother-in-law visits, except I like my mother-in-law. And I like Navimie. I just want to look good for her.

The state of my Transmogs is mixed. I need to ensure I have my clean underwear, I mean what I wear underneath my tabard. See with 5.0.4, I dropped my Ret spec and brushed off my Holy, which hadn't been mogged. And my Prot spec was in an intermediate state. A quick trip to the Void Storage can fix that. Okay. It wouldn't win a contest, but it'll mean I won't be embarassed.

My next problem concerns mounts and pets.

See Martuska was my old main, not Kallixta. When my daughter Syylia started playing more frequently, I moved to a new account, leaving Martuska behind. However I wasn't interested in repeating a bunch of grinds. So Kallixta hasn't been achievement hungry. Mentally I was doing "Shared Achievements", but when that kicked in with the recent patch, I discovered that Syylia was the heir to Martuska's work, not Kallixta! Besides Syylia loves collecting mounts and pets. So it'll be important that Syylia be with me when Navimie comes calling. (Not that she'd be able to sleep with the squealing I'll be doing.) Syylia has the rocket mount in case Navimie has a low-level alt when visiting.

Uh oh. Where to go?

When you browse the gallery of Navispam pictures you can see the variety of locations. I knew where I'd love to take her, but reviewing other visits, I'm sad to see the farm near Stormwind with the exploding sheep was already visited. It's a fun surprise for folks that don't spend much time as Alliance.

Probably my next favorite place is Booty Bay. It isn't quite as nice since the Shattering and needs a good scrubbing. They still haven't picked up those downed branches.

Oh. I'll have to make sure the microphone doesn't go wandering again. It's tricky using Vent without a microphone. My youngest steals the headphones/microphone for his Vita. I think Syylia's laptop is rigged alright.

I can clearly see the advantage of surprising folks for Navispam. There's a surprising amount of worry!

(Kallixta's spouse is still laughing!)


  1. Silly sausage! I don't mind what you wear! I'm just happy to see you :)
    Though I do hope you brushed your teeth and used deodorant.

  2. Yay! Got to see Kallixta in person over at Navi's!

  3. Grats on your Navispam cheev!

  4. Hopefully you've recovered by now :)