Kallispamming Tome

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit with Navimie. We've still got plenty to talk to each other about, including guys enjoying romance novels. The visit was so good, it got me thinking...

For a short while, I wasn't going to be able to play WoW, so around Christmas 2011, I intentionally turned one of the family accounts off. My son and daughter still played on the active account. A few months later Blizzard offered a free level 80 character for returning to the game. By that time, I was ready to return anyway, so this sounded like a bonus win. So I needed a friend to send a Scroll of Resurrection.

So in March 2012, I sent an email to someone that I only knew from comments on blogs. We'd exchanged notes and so I was only mildly anxious about sending an email asking for a scroll of resurrection. It wasn't until later that I realised my email address did not provide a clue that I was Kallixta.

As I recall things, weeks went by before I thought about my "Free Level 80" character. Putting some thought into it, I decided I wanted to use this as an opportunity to explore the Horde side. Eventually I decided to make it a Troll Druid.

Female, of course.

And being Horde, there was no advantage to being on the same server as Kallixta. I couldn't send gold or guild. I might as well be on a different server and have 10 empty character slots. To invoke the reward, I had to choose a server and it offered the message, "Do you want to play on the same server as your friend (that sent you the scroll?)" Oh!

Oh yeah. My friend would have gotten a free mount as her reward for getting another person back into the game. I could see the rewarded character and which server she was on. The scroll is meant for us to play together. So I created Kalligrafi on Fenris. I selected Restoration as her spec and was rewarded with gear appropriate for her.

And discovered I had no clue how to play a Restoration Druid. I wanted to learn, but there was a strong learning curve that I postponed. Instead I leveled up her Skinning profession which provided some gold and allowed me to test the guide I'd written for Wowhead! I wrote a skinning guide without having taken a skinner to Outland!

That was in the spring and when 5.0.4 I realised the Talent Change meant lots of people were re-learned how to play characters, so the learning curve wasn't as intimidating. So I pulled Kalligrafi off the shelf.

And so it is that this morning I Kalli-spammed Catwynn and she invited me into Sasche's guild. My expectations with Kalligrafi are to do some things as a member of the Horde that I've missed on Alliance.

This could be fun.


  1. You know, I don't remember how I knew but I did know it was you. I'm just hoping I can find you on for your invite. Since I'm playing weird hours usually I'm hoping maybe the weekend might work!

  2. Are they weird hours? They seem normal for an Australian...