Around the end of January, some "issues" developed at home. The result was I wouldn't have my regular computer to play WoW on for a bit. It's happened before and I'm not one that withers without my wow. So I assumed I'd be taking a brief vacation from the game until things were fixed. As a result when the Sixth Meme ran around the Wow Blogosphere, I was AFK.

I saw I'd been tagged by Erinys at Harpys Nest in the meme started by Gnomeaggedon.

Not only was I off the airwaves, but the computers I've used to take screenshots was MIA. It wasn't until now that I've regained access to at least one computer with some screenshots, albeit only recent ones. I don't have subfolders, so I'm just counting down to the sixth image:

This image was taken for the purpose of uploading to wowhead, for an NPC, Frank Carlson, that at the time didn't have a picture. Now it does! In fact, I uploaded that picture one year ago, more or less! I am not a big contributor of wowhead, but I am an avid user and was happy to supply even a small bit.

There are two contrasting axioms "Don't close the barn door after the horses have left" and "Better Late Than Never". You can see what I've done, belatedly adding my small piece to an obsolete event. Originally I expected to ignore it, but then I say what the sixth screenshot was and decided it told a small story. I had a purpose for taking the screenshot, and it wasn't a boss kill or in fact anything interesting that I did. There are some curious details to be found in it, such as it was taken by my Dwarf Shaman while in Ghost Wolf form. I was just doodling on a minor character, and realized I should take some snaps of my holiday in Darkshire, so to speak. Enjoy!

I wonder if anybody will even notice? I was thrilled and embarrassed to have been tagged (and then drop the ball). Oh the burden of being tagged! Woe is me! I'll take care not to burden anyone else. Heh.


  1. I must admit I love the random nature of everyone's pictures and the stories behind them all.

  2. I think it was very kind of you to make sure Frank had a picture. I'm always so disappointed when there's no picture for something I look up on wowhead, so thanks!