Day Ninety - 7 Aug 2011

Finally I got to spend a significant time on Kallixta again, so off she went to Uldum. It had been long enough since Martuska ran the zone that I really was surprised at the number of cinematics. The pace was fast yet fun. I enjoyed the zone much more than the first time and more than Mount Hyjal. The atmosphere is just more fun for me. I was pleased with the significant number of quest rewards that were good for Holy Paladins, but many weren't real improvements. I did grab the Eye of the Stars.

Kallixta dinged 84!

There's one quest where one reward gave a choice and Kallixta selected the increased Ramakahen reputation. This meant she could visit Blacksmith Abasi and pick up the honored rewards: Shroud of the Dead, Ammunae's Blessing, Drystone Greaves. This was so nice!

I know that the Midfletcher's Talisman is my weakest link, but Talisman of Sinister Order is just a few more Uldum quests away.

Kallixta stopped at 62/105 of the Uldum quests, which means there's plenty more to do, however what I'm hoping is to earn her final level by some dungeons. Unfortunately this will have to occur after family vacations and other distractions for the next couple weeks.

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