Day Eighty Eight - 27 July 2011

It was my birthday and I got to spend some midweek time on Kallixta. I dinged level 83, which was the point. I had been close for a while and ran a few fishing and cooking dailies in Stormwind for a while. Right after this happened, I ended up spending a long time upgrading things. I could craft many Stormforge pieces myself. Looking at my equipment now, EIGHT of my items say "Stormforged"!

I had been hestating to jump on the boat to Vashj'r for some reason and knew that now at 83, I could head for Uldum.


  1. A Happy Belated Birthday to you! I really enjoyed Uldum. Some thought the whole Harrison Jones thing was overdone, but I thought It made for a nice change.

  2. The first time through Uldum is like "This is so cool! And interesting."

    The second time is more "I can see why some dislike the zone. This isn't as fun as I remembered."