Bridal Music

Yes, this is not a Warcraft post.

When we got married, over thirty years ago, our musical selection was limited to what the organist knew and was willing to play. If you weren't a big fan of Mendelssohn or Wagner, too bad. It didn't matter if we were geeks.

My daughter had no such limitations. Since she severely disapproved of Wagner, she knew she was looking for something else anyway. As she and the groom were both geeks of the first order, here is what they selected

The Minister and Groom entered to the Final Fantasy I Theme:

Processional of Bridesmaids:

Procession of Bride, skip to 1:04


At the reception, the first Dance of the couple was the Star Craft parody, SCV Love Song.  It was NOT my favorite: Banelings.

Any suggestions on what YOU might have used in a wedding

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