Flowers at 41, Kallifornia's visit to Scholomance

Kallifornia writes in her diary. That she's allowing others to read these entries implies she might share other pages, but don't hold your breath.

I found myself joined with another rag-tag group, this time adventuring into Scholomance. This was a place I had seen a map of, once. That's about all the whims of the Elements bothered to inform me of my fate. I was curious how patient this band might be and got my first clue as some charged off before I managed to talk to Weldon Barov and someone else that might have been helpful.

Well, that's how it is somedays and Karma will be a bitch. I wasn't the one to make with the negative thoughts, so I tried to catch up. That's how the whole trip was. I was always playing catch up, even when I'd ask for time to drink. While on occasion, the party would wait for me, more often they didn't. I'd rarely get halfway through my Moonberry Juice before I'd be on my feet again. I used a whole stack of juice in the adventure! I suppose I'll be needing to make a bigger deal in my unhappiness over such treatment, but I didn't be wanting to make waves.

I should make a bigger deal about how sometimes my actions as a healer attracted more notice than the flashy show put on by the tank. Why was I being seen as such a threat? But it didn't happen often enough and when it did, most of the time the tank would notice. Unfortunately, not all the time. Let *that* be a lesson to our tank! What good is a healer that's lying dead on the floor, eh?

I concluded our tank is a slow learner. After he lost the roll for some fancy pants, he whined and begged to the pants holder so badly, and wouldn't continue the fight, that the poor beggee had enough of it and left!

The final battle was with the Darkmaster Gandling. I was not prepared for being banished to a side cell and healing from there while these skeletons nibbled on me. Closing down the school  gave me a reward, as did a satchel, but neither were improvements. That's when I realized my greed failed to ever reward me. Somebody else had also needed our trophies.

While I've learned my skills will keep our party alive, I'll need to speak about what will make me happy.


  1. I'm always puzzled by everyone's hurry. I only hurry through things I don't enjoy and since they're playing a game for enjoyment why would they hurry.

    Humans, I don't get us sometimes, lol!

  2. I have a healthy dislike for people who disrespect the value of a healer. Don't look after me, I don't look after you. Simple as that. Well, I hope your next run is a lot smoother :)

    Kallixta, I was wondering if I could get permission to read your other blog? /hopeful