Low level dailies, part 2

You might want to read Part 1

Updating for the last few weeks, Aldonza has continued with the experiment and will probably ding 35 in a week, at which point she'll be training new professional skills. It seems that first I'll point out a few interesting discoveries.

Aldonza had been limiting herself mostly to Ironforge with occasional visits to Stormwind. Compiling her few achievements, which included the reminder that she can teleport, I had her shift her operations around:
It only took a week to complete the new reason for basing in Stormwind. Along the way, two more achievements mark her progress. It was time to shift to Darnassus. I found the mailbox outside the Auction House extremely convenient, but the bank not so much.

I also discovered that more than the other two capitals, Darnassus is infested with critters! Serious, the number of frogs, chipmunks, squirrels, rabbits and the like is significant. I ensured Frost Nova and Arcane Explosion were handy and I add a dozen or so critter kills each trip to the bank and several more going to and from the daily quest givers. This activity has resulted in moving the needle on or 10 points. Critter Kill Squad to 2%. Only about 50 months more! That's... 4 years at this rate?

The hazards of random dailies meant the last cooking quest dropped first but that clam quest didn't show up for another week!
Aldonza also hit level 34 about the same time, so Artisan Inscription is coming. To explain a bit of my excitement, just with Auction House games Aldonza has earned around 150,000g. Casually picking up 1000g a day is easy and I'll pick up considerably more on occasion.

If only skill are making money in an MMO translated to real life!

One other interesting thing popped up:

All done by one character, Aldonza. What will be the next thing to happen for the Sages of Tabasco?!

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