The Portal Business

Martuska is a Mage, so I know I've been spoiled a bit. I've spent some time on non-Mages, but when Hallow's End needed me to zip around a continent to Inns to Trick or Treat for candy, it really underscored how handy teleport can be.

I watched poor Syylia as she had to move from flight path to flight path.

Yes, It's good to be a Mage.

Now the other bloggers rant or apologize for Blizzard, I sympathize and worry, but it bothers only a little. I worry just how painful it will be as I level my newer toons.

Still, I had a thought and was very pleased to see it echoed by Klepsacovic. Why couldn't there be a second hearthstone? It would still require some travel to see the sights, but having one set to your current exploration station and the other set to your preferred capital would be a significant improvement.

Another thought, and less fleshed out, would be Why not make it crafted? I could see Blacksmiths making the initial stone, like they do with Enchanter's Rods. Then an Enchanter is needed to wave their hands over it.

They could even make it multi-level. An Expert BS could craft a stone that only binds to an Azeroth capital city. For most folks, this would be satisfactory, too! A higher level stone binds to any Vanilla Inn while other stones work for Outland or Northrend.

It's a thought.

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