Day Thirty Four - 31 Oct 2010

Macros and Rotation
I had been so overwhelmed the last time I visited Kallixta, that it was easier to enjoy Martuska and let her seek Hallow's End achievements then spend the effort of getting Kallixta back up to speed. I finally tried it last night.

I knew the theory behind the new 3X rotation and found some useful macros at Maintankadin, so I hoped I could brush her off and get levelling again.

Something was wrong, but it wasn't until late that I discovered my real problem. I hadn't correctly specced! I selected Grand Crusader instead of Shield of the Righteous! Argh! I wouldn't fix that until after I'd jumped into the queue for a random dungeon. Most dungeons were SM, so what would the chances be that I'd end up in either Uldaman or Maraudon?

I could run us through the beginning easily enough. And my attempts at rotation put me way on top of the DPS recount. I wasn't losing threat. All good, except I had the suspicion that while I was overpowered, others weren't doing their job.

We got passed Baelog and had Revelosh in our sights when two folks dropped from the group, including whoever had the gem! We weren't going to be doing Ironaya. I got a nice bracer drop from Revelosh and one of the newly joined was a little gnome warrior that could really pack a punch. She knew the path better, so we let he lead a bit. She'd still let me tank the bosses, but proved she didn't need my help on trash. The rest of the run was wonderfully smooth. I didn't need to check my map and we were done in short time. I did discover how big a consumer of mana Consecration is. I'll be leaving that off unless I really need it!
Level 41
Somewhere underground I dinged, but didn't notice. All that rested XP zipped me along nicely, so as I looked at spending my talent point, I discovered the speccing error I had made before. I spent less than 2 gold and started over. That was the best money spent recently! I didn't try rewriting my "Nines" macro yet, but I think I'll enjoy a much better rotation when I return, which will be much sooner!

With the level bump, I could equip the Heavy Mithril Breastplate. I visited the Auction House and picked up a few Rugged Armor Kits cheap and pasted those on anything that qualified. I definately boosted my armor with these changes.

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