Casual Legion Time

When Legion launched, I was excited and participated more than my usual. In particular, I actually joined a couple dungeon queues until one horrible Maw of Souls run where I couldn't figure out where I needed to stand without dying instantly. Dying, being Combat Rezzed and dying immediately again before I could move must be counted horrible.

I continued to play, just avoiding dungeons, yet again. Things went well until the holidays arrived. My son returned for a visit from Korea and we had plenty of other things to do than play Warcraft, including helping my daughter move apartments and go to movies. Guess which movie has this for a sign:

It was actually Hidden Figures. Their spelling is as bad as by dungeon experience.

Sometime in January, my daughter and her husband were waxing excitedly about how their Guild was doing and I realized I had effectively stopped playing. It was on their encouragement that I started back up. We had long talks about what we each enjoyed in Warcraft. I pointed out that I still didn't enjoy dungeon groups.

Of course, you can't complete the Order Hall Campaign without killing Dungeon Bosses. So, my daughter goaded me into agreeing to be carried by her and her friends so I could get through it.

And it was clearly a Carry. On my first run I did about half the damage of the TANK!

Yes, I got a Legendary on my return to dungeons. Shouldn't I be happier?

Of course, the tank was my son-in-law doing mad damage as a Bear and the pair helped me with reviewing my equipment, rotation and some other tips. The next week when we ran a few more dungeons, I was relieved to discover I was only doing about 3/4th the damage of another kitty. It was substantially better.

I also subsequently realized they had me doing these dungeons at Mythic. Oh. Non-observant much?

With the breakthrough they allowed me, I managed to finish up my Campaign and reexamined where I am. I just need to spend more time in Suramar and make the Nightfallen happier to finish Pathfinder Part One. Okay, I can deal with that.

I have not been keeping up with the World Bosses. Ok, you dang fool. Pay more attention.

The other thing I've at least managed has been Pet Battles. I just need to be more organized about it.

Yes, I enjoy my time in the World of Warcraft.
It's just that I'm a casual.
It's not like Nothing Else Matters.

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