Pink on the Inside

As a supporter of Breast Cancer Awareness month, I was inspired by JD's  Pink Transmog Challenge.

As others can attest, there is a small pool of pink available. Aldonza has the luxury of being able to wear white and grey items, since fishing and cooking don't actually matter. She got her friend Martuska, the tailor, to send her a pink shirt, but after that, things got non-pink. She decided that alone was better than nothing and ran around with that for a day.

Eventually Aldonza decided that her Darkmist Cape was a bit pink. Being the Guildmaster of her Banking Guild (Sages of Tabasco!) she'll change the colors for the month, but here is her current outfit:
Breast CANCER Awareness, not Breast Awareness!
I will continue to search, but was already fretting about participation.

NOTE: There will be an update to her outfit!


  1. I actually love this look. It's so simple! And your 'toon turned that ugliest of all ugly hats into a really head-turning piece. It's really, really perfect! :D

  2. She looks quite lovely and very pink and ah, aware!